Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas spirit

 Its been so long since i made a post. I can not keep up with this i suppose. I am such a bad blogger :(
sniff sniff. Well i will keep trying my best here. So i will make a review of my Christmas Holidays.

Another Christmas in Dublin, this time my family from Peru wasn't here. i had no guest at home so didn't feel the motivation to decorate this year. We only put some decor in the stairs and chimney.
I wanted to get a Christmas Tree on the sales as we have always been buying a real Christmas tree since i arrive to Ireland. People here get very excited about the smell of Christmas for them is the fresh smell of the Christmas trees and that brings them good memories for when they were kids. On my case the smell that reminds me of Christmas is the smell of fireworks and turkey baking in the local Boulangerie.
And there is none of that here in Ireland, for some reason not even turkeys smell the same. Would probably be the seasoning we use over there.

I will go straight to the presents :)
I've got a new Nikon coolpix l820 camera, im supper excited about it. It makes very nice pictures. Still no DSLR but its a good start. I am thinking on using it for a couple of months and then sell it and instead get a proper DSLR. It will be my investment.
I also got a gorgeous perfume that i put my eye into since a friend received it for  her birthday. Miss Dior.
I am very happy with that one, or J'adore would have been also nice.

Right after Christmas i organized a small tea party with my Peruvian friends at my house.
Organizing things at your house could be stressing but i did enjoy it all.

How was your Christmas?

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