Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First Glossybox Review - February

Few weeks ago  i received my first Glossy box. I subscribe for 3 months just to test how is goes.
The second box is about to arrive and i haven't post my review about the first one..
I look soo adorable and nice looking, a lot of effort in just the box. But i found it a good use and store some makeup on it ;)
Anatomicals - shower gel 
I just used it last nice. not very foamy it says flowers smell, and it does smell of roses, real roses, not sure that is a nice smell. Like water from a roses flower base.  Dont get me wrong it was good, but not great. I wouldn't buy it again.
Docteur Renaud - daily face cream
Haven't test it yet. because it says for dry skin and i have oily skin, when i signed up they asked me a bunch of questions one of those questions was my type of skin, thinking we will receive customized products. But no we don't.
Model Co - eye shadows
The colours are very nice and basic. and it comes handy for the purse and retouch your make-up if you are on a night out.
But the brush is very plain those that have a sponge in both ends.
Mica Bella- blush
The colour is very nice , like a peachy golden. The pigment is not too strong though. You will probably will need to apply a generous amount of product to be seen.
HelenE - lipstick
i really liked the colour of this lipstick, i didn't have this colour before Raspberry, or any other lipstick from this brand.
And because it was valentines month, we also received a heart shaped lolly pop.

Look forward to see what is coming next month.

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