Friday, February 22, 2013

Little treats

This perfume Giorgio Armani Code Women is one of my favourites, its a bit strong, but i think its alright to use it  during the night, or in a  night out, date. And a little bit not tons of it.
The male version was such a turn on until one of my bosses was using it too..haha. 
in fairness it smells very good. same as pour elle version. It comes with a body lotion that also smells really good. its not that great for hydratation but will lease a nice sensual smell.
 I would definitely buy this again, love it, makes me feel daring and sexy in addition to feeling sweet and feminime.

And the watch from Michael Kors was a Christmas pressie. I was dying to get a watch like that.
its very sporty, feminine looking i just adore it.. it is a stainless rose gold with a chronometer watch with little diamons and also displays a little date calendar.

 photo da9c3423-f367-44f1-81c0-8ee018453585_zpsa6dbf461.jpg

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